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So far this year has started off wonderfully. I have made a few promises to myself , not to look back , but to look forward , and most of all , to not overlook the present. Learning to Live in the moment. (click for helpful quotes)

2013 Turned out to be a good year work-wise and this winter has as well, due to the snow removal aspect of our operations. Takes a lot of pressure off me during a time when we look forward to implementing new business improvements. Some years past have not worked out that way. See previous year below

I also have been fortunate enough to be able to do some traveling during our slow season.

Las Vegas - Tahoe - Reno Trip with Matt Houser and his cousin Jason - Good Times. LINK COMING

Florida - Tampa - Ybor City - Clearwater - Fort Myers - Everglades - South Beach Miami-Palm Gardens - A whirlwind tour where I met with friends , family , and my own solo adventures LINK COMING


Maybe 2013 will be better. I believe it is up to me to make that Happen.

Fall 2012 - worked and worked and did more work. Come 1/ 2013 - broke again. vicious useless cycle.

Visit the New Updated Blog 1/2011 -->kasualkafe.com

Visit the old blog at http://www.kasualkafe.blogspot.com 2006-> 2011

I intend to redo this website someday and archive all these past 10yrs

Meanwhile , see Kasualkb's log for previous log entries and current archives 2002 --> 2012


Summer 2012

Getting my groove back since pneumonia. Started hiking again ...6/11 went to Block Island ...did some beach walking and trail hiking. Much different from the woods. Beautiful in its own way. Sea views from cliff edges can't be described. I'll put some pictures up. Have a number of my upcoming weekends lined up as I usually do. - Long Island next weekend , family reunion ....Pennsylvania party weekend the following , 10 guys , a house , alcohol , paintball and white water rafting.

Spring 2012

Strangecreek. Beautful weekend and weather , spent some time at the creek. Started off a little Effed up but I persevered with a smile :-) Partied with friends old and new. Ryan Montbleiu Band was my favorite this year though I did dance my ass off to some of the late night cabin bands.

I do need to remember to bring a handtruck next time. The hike thru the woods is insane with all my shit. Duly Noted.


2012 - WHERE IS THE SNOW ? I've done zero skiing thusfar this winter.


SEPTEMBER 16-18, 2011

Another killer weekend. Definite contrast to strange creek. I woke up a sweaty mess at strangecreek , where this weekend , i froze my ass off. Otherwise , no complaints. Good time. Kind of the final hurrah of the year. Safeside Chimney Fall is here , now.


August 2011 CREEK FEST

Billy and I met up with neen and sean for a pretty cool weekend. mike and brian were also up there with their crew. Traffic up sucked (and back was worse) but we made it in time to see Zach Deputy and then Ryan Montbleau Band , both totally rocked , they are Billy's new Fav bands. Was a pretty decent weekend. Fri night the best , great in fact .... sat started off good with some river adventure fence hopping and valley traversing to get some water relief .... some good bands , some good drink , some good company , but I started losing interest when max creek went on their 5th hour of their 6 hour set .... SIX HOURS !!! They took a break at some point , I joked with peeps about their 3 hour , 4 song set .... LOL ... Sun kinda sucked in the rain and again the traffic blew. Getting Billy and Neen back in the Fest spirit and getting my first and certainly not my last glimpses of Zach and RMB made the weekend overall a positive experience.

July 2011great weekend , though it was hot as balls , hit 99 degrees friday ...was like 80 at night. Caravan of thieves , Sister sparrow and the dirty birds , Elvis costello all rocked. But Janes Addiction was ferocious , Perry farrell was fucking with the crowd , while swigging whiskey , and Navarro was just blowin hippies heads off with sick licks ....wild wild show. I was slam dancing in the front with some game young hippies , while the older dead heads kinda left the area. Good times , despite not being allowed to bring alcohol for the almost 1 mile walk to the stage ...between distance and heat , it was quite difficult to keep a happy buzz going. Was cool to be on the water , but the bridgeport sound isn't nearly beach like inviting. All in all , good weeekend with some good peeps.


Ziontific June 2011 / small festival in stockbridge vermont , behind a river. Beautiful sunsets over the mountain. Some crazy weather , HOT , then wet/cold overnight , some rain .... all in all was good though. It was its first year , but it was well run , with some good people and great music. More rap than I listen to usually but still good. Marisa came up with her RV and had a cool set up with some of Rhythmic Circus --they had a sat am set , I was thinking that was kinda bummer , but in retrospect , being first made them unique , mid day people start going about other activities ....I had nothing to do but nurse my hangover with some bloody mary's listening to them jam...started off sitting and watching and ended up dancing . My friend Jen ,who came up with me , had her chair massage booth set up , her first time doing that as a festival vendor. She did well. I'm happy for her , as she just got certified and this is , from my view , a beginning launch of her career. Pretty neat , I remember my beginnings ....

I'll have pics on my picasa page soon.

May 2011 Strangecreek -

Good times , camped with some good peeps , danced to some good music , drank lots of good alcohol , sucked down some good jello shots , chilled to some good drumming , bathed in some good river water , and ate some good jambalaya. Definitely a must do again. I miss festivals. KB See personal Journal for details.





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