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1/2//08 - Over the last number of years I have attempted to educate myself as I feel I was too young to enjoy learning in school. I have been reading history , science , philosophy ,theology and more ..scouring the encyclopedia miscellaneously .. Started reading classics , have been reading the great books and the great books courses. Have been listening to audio books .and lecture courses ..and watching educational dvds. I have and intend to see more museums. There are online classes which I will ultimately list for you in a dedicated page.

I believe that as an American in the 21st century blessed with an ease of survival , and enough leisure to look outward at the world , I would be remiss If I didn`t attempt to examine life , seek knowledge of this world , past and present. As socrates said , an unexamined life is not worth living.

The Great Courses - Philosophy & Intellectual History - Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning, 2nd Edition - Part 1 and Part 2 (1 and 2) The Great Courses - Philosophy & Intellectual History - Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning, 2nd Edition - Part 1 and Part 2 by The Teaching Company

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
The Teaching Company Audio CD`s as well as Modern Scholar series are highly reccomended learning tools - College level courses that you can learn from in your car.

This is part of the mixed media I use in my pursuit of knowledge. I love music and on the weekends my car primarily blasts music from XM - but during the week , the 45 min - 1 hour a day I spend in the car going to and from work and misc errands , I have these Audio Books that I get from libraries.
Sometimes I get lazy with reading the non-fiction I am trying to consume. These courses make it so I am always thinking , always stimulating my mind.
As soon as I hop in the car in the AM , I`m forced to use that most important muscle. This is the glue to my self-education.

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I have this idea of creating a personal web page that might make sense to like minds of men and women in our age group 21-39. My little life might even be interesting to those that can understand me. My interests may be similar and outlook not far from yours. I would expect parents of gen-xers to be able to find humor or understanding in anything they might find on my site. This site will be meager to start but I have great plans ( yeah yeah Kevin) I hope you will come back often to see Whats going on . Feel free to drop me a line to say hi , feedback , add a story or link , or tell me to #%#@ off!!!
Kevin - So , who is this guy? He`s been described as fun, witty , intense , and intelligent wether any of this is true or not remains to be seen. Form your own opinion. Well he still likes to party on occasion and will tend to drift into the bar club scene when in leisure time but for the most part am focused on work , my girl-friend , (whoops Fiance - person) , my new car (Subaru WRX 227 HP Turbo Engine (oh yeah !) , still tryin` to keep in touch with my Long Island boys and girls, as well as my new connecticut friends all of who are very dear to me despite my lapse in constant communication. I do try .
He`s 31 years old and very aware of it , the fact he still looks 20 might be why he slips back so often , either that or he just missed being young and carefree and still tries to be. He has become responsible to a point and hasn`t done too bad for himself and would be considered doing well amongst his friends and peers. He has strong opinions yet rarely practices what he preaches.
I have many interests and have been told , "Kev, you seem to be good at everything" , "Yeah ,yeah , but i`m great at nothing."
I am a dabbler , i`m focused yet lazy, have superior drive yet can fall into fits of melancholy and barely can drive to work. I`m witty yet morose , like to be the life of the party or simply want to leave it. This probably describes half the world , but this site is about ME ME ME > Over time you will see some really good links on these sites to other worthwhile pages. I won`t be simply slapping it together so take my recco`s seriously. Some of my interests are skiing, surfing, shooting pool, ping-pong, basketball , football ,baseball - playin` it watching it though its pretty rare I play anything these days, I drag ass to the gym on occassion , I play tennis once a year , interested in business , finance , sports , making money , rambling on and on `bout this and that. ... oh look thats what I`m doing now. I`m going to end this lil intro as it is extremely amateur , will need to update soon , but anyway "nice to meet me" and hope its nice to meet you to , please say Howdy !

<<<Everyone has a point of view of oneself. Any friends or family with something they might like to say about ME :-) good ,bad or indifferent , Tell the world who Kevin really is to them.... feel free to email me and I`ll put it on the site>>

P.S - Even though this is my vanity page I promise not to edit out the dirty secrets you might rat me out on --- :-)

Some quick Bio:

Former Levittown Long Islander currently living in Manchester Connecticut about 7 years now. Went to Division Ave High School in Levittown






Recently engaged to the girl below. Still running Safeside Chimney , workin` my @ss off.

Still out and about when it can be done . Same ole Same ole

Currently workin on this sad ass website , Wish me luck , or better yet help out by emailing any ideas you might think would be cool on this site.

Lori and Me




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