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Rising Sun Rising Sun by Michael Crichton 3/2/09

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
I don`t recall seeing the movie and I just read this book for the 1st time 15 yrs after the fact. Another great Crichton book. Prophetic. Even though the Japanese economy has stalled , the unfair trade practices (Japanese don`t find them unfair) , dumping , intrigue and sabotage , bribery and gifting, collusion , closing of their own markets and government sponsored sabotage of our own have all shown themselves to be true. They still reap the benefits of decimating American competition via this methods. Now , its not Japan but the Chinese who are using some of the various methods listed above to dominate America`s economy. They are just doing it chinese style , not japanese style. Similar attack strategies with some subtle differences such as all-out attack on intellectual property , not by buying up U.S companies and their technology but reverse-engineering and black-marketing everything the US makes. China`s way of dumping and closing off their market and stealing our technology all in one fell swoop.
America needs new strategies on dealing with todays economic realities and it is my hope that our current administration is less ideological and more practical in these matters.

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November 2008 - Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States, as the country chose him as its first black chief executive.

His acceptance speech alone helped erase 8 yrs of bitterness both at home and abroad as his upbeat and hopeful rhetoric was broadcast all over the world.

See the Democratic weekly address at Change.gov


11/15-2008 - I was up all night facing the economic challenges of today. I debated liberals and republicans alike about protecionism and free trade , bailouts , regulation vs. overregulation vs. NO regulation and so on. Obviously I didn`t really do all this but as 3 in the AM hit , every waking moment was spent musing about he economy and my REM sleep was filled with dreaming about the economy. If you are unsure , it was a nightmare


oct 2008 - Quote - Jacob Weisberg - Slate

"Like all true idealogues, Libertarians try to find a way to interpret mounting evidence of error as proof that they were right all along. They are intellectually immature, frozen in the worldview many of them absorbed from reading Ayn Rand novels in high school. Their heroic view of capitalism makes it difficult for them to accept that markets can be irrational, misunderstand risk, and misallocate resources. They arementally bankrupt, and this time there will be no bailout."


4/7/04 Protests as US shuts down Iraqi Paper

Any comments feel free to leave a message on my message boards.

2/15/04 -The democratic primaries are underway and John Kerry according to The New York Times ; Is running away with it. He has 432 delegates, which is a substantial lead on Edwards and Dean but.... California and New York alone, are worth 725 delagates and 2161 is whats required for presidential nomination. It ain`t over yet ... Not sure who you would vote for check out http://www.votebyissue.org/ - My vote by issue test had me picking Edwards by a landslide.





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