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Kasualkb`s Log
See Kasualkb`s log 2003    

I have replace Kasualkb`s log with the Blog but will still chronologize updates on this page when they need to be removed from other pages.

5/9/11 - Hiking at Laurel Marsh - Manchester/East Hartford - Saw a beaver swimming around - couldn't believe it ....for the amount of times i'm in real woods , or further north in new england , I rarely catch glimpses of animals, much less , within 15 feet of me. And even crazier , in East Hartford at some trails i've walked a few dozen times over the years.

4/16th 2011 - the last ski weekend. Went up to ski house in anticipation of some spring skiing runs , sunglasses and long-sleeve sheet style. Not to be. 25 degrees turned mush into bulletproof ice ...followed by rain ...yummy. Instead I continued my recent penchant for 12 hour drinking session ; passing out by 5am two nights in a row. Sat night was the Joshua Tree party , the U2 cover band , playing in the B-Haus basement , a few hundred like-minded , singing , dancing and drinking individuals partyin it up. The band was kick ass - right on.

April 2011 - Vegas baby with Phil and Jason --Good Times - 4 straight nights of 12 hour drinking sessions aided by vodka red-bull , which generally dehydrates a person. So do flights , long ones , there and back. I came home a shriveled up prune , lol - But good times !!! - um yeah , I lost but whateva.

Gambled at the playboy club and danced the night away on top of the palms at the Ghost bar. Roullette is an evil game and black jack is just a slow death. Got a bit of a sunburn at the Rehab party at the Hard Rock Hotel , where we stayed. I showed Phil , a vegas virgin , a number of the hotels on the strip , making sure I showed him each "hotel attraction" so he can nod his head , go ooh ahh , and then proceed to a table to gamble. Best meal was at Japanois - Great trip with great friends.

3/16/11 - Off to New Haven for Black 47 - Gonna see Rhythmic Circus tomorrow at the Tiger. Going to stay in Manhatten to see UFC 128 in Jersey Shogun vs Jon jones - other fighers urijah faber , mirko cro-cop , nate marquadt etc; I live a charmed life ;;Thousands are dying and 100,000 are homeless in Japan while more worry about the nuclear reactor melting down. Who am I to EVER feel down , how silly.

March 2011 - Did some skiing and hanging at the B-haus ski house in Killington - Went to Manhattan a few times , once to see the UFC fights and once to show a lady friend around whom has never been there - was fun seein my fav city thru anothers eyes

Feb 2011 - LA with Brando and BG - Then Mexico with BG and MV , Then LA with Brando - Good Times - I have some pics that I can't put up , haha / maybe someday -

See my Europe Pics March 2010

Just chillin5//06/09 Finally - Reintrodced new message boards. COME VISIT AND SIGN IN TO THE NEW MESSAGE BOARDS -Stop in say hello , speak your mind.Complain , make fun of someone , say something constructive , start a discussion , Start a Fight , Introduce yourself , Make your self Known !



January 2011 - a single Kevin , a new blog , a new site , a new beginning.

12/15/2010 An old friend Amy Phillips died today.

Her and Kyle were a big part of my life for many years. Kyle still , of course. He and I are very upset at this news and mourn her passing. Goodbye Amy :-(

7/22/2010 - Beauty and The Devil

My messageboards have crashed and have been replaced - Message Boards - I will try to dig up some of the old topics...


7/6th - 2010 - Visit the gallery to see the new slide show of Pictures

June 30th - Conversations

Can I feel it with my mind ?
One can only feel , if it stings.
May I touch it , just this one time ?
If theres no complaint about what that brings.

When have you ever felt this alive ?
I`ve nothing to compare it too , I`ve been so dead.
Do you consider that a moral blight ?
If ethics are contagious and easily spread.

Is what I`m spewing , all nonsense ?
You are overfilled with it , its only fair.
Does what I ask cause you offense ?
If it did , I really wouldn`t care.

Can you see that I`m not crazy ? Don`t you understand my meaning?
You should know that you can`t faze me , because I know that we`re just dreaming.



Jan 2010 Journal Entry - HAPPY NEW YEAR--yaay!!!!!!!!!

- It is not technically the beginning of a new Decade but I like to stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that detail. You`ll see from the blog around this day that the new year hasn`t started very well , and I didn`t mention the typical after holiday seasonal downswing at work which always makes me tense. I feel like I can`t win ...its maniacally busy and crazy during the fall causing me stress and then its ridiculously slow and unprofitable during the winter causing me stress.

BUT....despite the crappy start ...I intend to remain positive. This is the beginning of the decade (if this year sucks , I`ll say 2011 is the beginning of the decade as it truly is) and I intend to improve on last years improvements.

Lori and I have done well by staying active , eating properly , and going to the gym 4-5 days a week. We did a lot of hiking , kayaking and even snoe shoeing this year.

2008 I quit smoking - 2009 - lost 35 lbs

2010 and forward ...we intend to do more of the same and plan on trying out some cross country skiing. My codeword for personal improvement is ACTIVE. ...

Stay Active - that means physically and mentally. Lori and I also intend to ACTIVELY pursue friendships both new and cultivate existing ones. I think as a self-sufficient couple we get ourselves in a rut where we begin to lose touch with outside potentially positive influences. We are actively going to change that.

We have been pretty good at staying active on the weekends , either locally or planning some weekends away (usually new england). I want to be active during the week this year. We tend to stay home alot during the week. Even little things like going out for starbucks and reading to stay active.We started doing a date-night , once a week and mostly have done things like a movie , out to eat etc; If we run errands , that would be fine too. I get into these ruts where my car must immediately drive home after work and I must immediately take of my shoes. I do not do that on the weekend. I am going to actively change that habit.

Lori and I do pretty well passing time constructively , she has been scrapbooking again , keeping up with the house etc; I have my website , journals , occasional writing , and lots of reading and studying. I need to continue that. With the DVR we got this past year , I am not a slave to the TV , and have been and want to continue squeezing a little TV in a short compact amount of time. I get depressed when I spend an entire evening flipping channels. I haven`t helped around the house much this past year and plan on doing a better job of it this year instead of blaming Lori for a messy house. If I do some more consistent straightening , it will make things easier for Lori to do the actual Cleaning part without feeling overwhelmed.

I also MUST MUST - actively pursue happiness and contentment. I still am off the wall half the time , between temper tantrums , fits of rage , depression , bouts of dark and pessimistic moods and the occasional MANIC or get crazy and drown myself in liquor modes. I have done a little better the last few years and have even used the power of Positive Thinking by convincing myself that the holidays are good , and the fall is good. For a long time I have complained about the Fall due to work stress and haven`t enjoyed the season properly. Fall is a wonderful time of year , especially for active hikers , outdoorsy hangers , geocachers . fish catchers, kayakers and scenic drivers like us.
This year , I found many good moments during the fall , almost simply by repeating , I really Like the Fall and making it true thru habit. I did the same with the xmas and new years holidays with a more limited success but a major improvement of past years , where statements such as I Hate Xmas came out of my mouth a few hundred times in one month. Funny , what a little will power and mind over matter , and postive thinking can do.

I hope noone is actually reading this , coz its really just a personal journal for me, and even I`m bored with it , but I must trudge on. I must continue to remind myself of these goals throughout the year and Decade.

I have electronic phone reminders lined up for 3/15 6/15 9/15 to renew our new years vows of ACTIVE. This little trick has worked the last few years to get me back on track when I start slipping after a few months , forgetting how important my goals were at the time I created them. On those reminders are lists that give me ideas on how to achieve all these things. I`m not listing them here , coz their a bit corny and personal , even more-so than this little journal right here.

Many people this time of year , intend to make positive changes in their life , sometimes I feel that people put unreachable goals out in front of them , and when they ineviteably fail , stop trying altogether. I think the last 2 years , I have done pretty well sticking to my plans and not shooting the moon with my expectations.


Jets are in the Playoffs 1/10 !!!!

9/09 - bear hill loop threw us for another one , as we yet again made a wrong turn. Ironically , the last time we took bear hill loop in middletown , we were surprised to learn it wasn't a loop trail ,despite the trails title.. That time we ended up on a road and a 4 mile woods hike turned into a half marathon road walk . That's not the irony I'm now referring too.. Today we managed about 2 miles and somehow actuallly looped back to our car !
Next headed to nearby chatfield hollow state park ...started off on a nice little boardwalk nature trail and did a red trail abot 2.5 miles ... Mod difficult ...climbed to about 300 feet and hiked an interesting ridge trail.... Some nice glacial rock areas to rest were scattered thoughout.
finished up the hike with a cheese cracker and fruit picnic...

J - E T- S !!!! Thats my mantra for the fall of 09 --THREE AND 0

9/9/09 my memory list of the Catskills - New York

8-20th 2009

Its been a good summer , have been to NH , VT , Maine , Berkshires and Cape Cod and the Catskills for overnights or long weekends. Did lots of kayaking , hiking , swimming and staying active. Starting to get busy at work , the fall is almost here. Need to figure out how to stay busy and active and stress free this fall.


6/25/09 - New to the Geocaching thing , but my wife and I , love to walk and hike and snoe shoe and be outdoors. We started kayaking this year , and I plan every weekend for some type of excursion all over the lovely state of CT. We do a lot of active weekends all over new england. I`m a former NYer a dozen + yrs ago but have grown to love new england. I also love gadgets , electronics , computers and maps so that makes me , a delorme gps , a compass and downloading topo maps an absolutely perfect fit.

Check out geocaching.com and delorme pn-40 ...if you consider buying the delorme gps , buy it thru the amazon search on my site. Amazon has the best price for this gps


6/21 - Fathers Day - Pops and Jaime came up to CT to hang with me for Fathers Day , a first. My original plan of a bbq in a state park with the kayaks loaded for fishing and fun got rained out. CRappy weather , but it did hold out enough for us to fish at Valley Falls Park , a nice little trout park with good shore access. There was NO FISH at all to be had , Dad claimed he had one nibble ...I`m thinking even that was just a pass thru some weeds but I won`t repeat that. We did about a mile quick hike thru a cool trail there that meanders along a running creek stream. I would have to say , I didn`t hike but actually limped and bumbled along as the friday previous I twisted my ankle egregiously at Janines house stepping off her retardledly built (not her fault) back porch. I`m guessing my hiking will have to be put on hold for about 2 weeks ...I don`t think much longer ...I`ve heard horror stories of sprains causing minor pains and weakness for a year and longer ....I`m hoping thats not my situation. I took them out to Casa Mia on Franklin Ave in Hartford for a semi-full course italian meal . They loved it. Lori and I loved the bread , app , salad , but were unimpressed with our entree choice , again , no need to mention it to them as they loved theres. I think that was the second time Lori and I only liked half our meal there which means its back to Carbones (curiously closed on a fathers day sunday) the next time we are feeling sit-down and pay a lot Italian. All in all it was a good day , especially since my father enjoyed himself , which is what matters today.. Tomorrow , it can be all about ME again !!! ha ha


JAN 30th 2009 - -------------------TEA !!! -------------------------------

Lori has introduced me to tea and I have sort of gotten into a kick of it drinking one or two teas daily compared to once a month previously. I think I enjoy black teas the most and a simple earl grey as the best but I also have been trying varous types of teas such as white , green , various chai , various herbals such as sassparilla spice , we have loose tea , tea bags and bombilla style. I was curious about the history of tea and found a cool site http://www.planet-tea.com/ -

I have also found that differnet types of tea - other than herbals , come from the same tea plant, Camellia sinensis. It is the various processing of the leaves that categorize it into the 4 main types of tea. See the chart below and be educated. Not everyone is going to find this fascinating but it was information I had not known and felt it should be stored for future reference - so here it is .


January 23rd 2009 ,

American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21stCentury American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21stCentury by Kevin Phillips

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
Its incredible how accurately this book predicted the current economic realities we are currently experiencing , It was written over 3 years ago.
This book makes credible arguments that oil and religion have been the focus of our politics at the cost to the american people. I mean , we went into Iraq for Oil and we didn`t even get it ...the chinese won the first contract.
The direction and political decisions influenced by religion is staggering and scary.

A worthwhile and eye-opening read. This book will not make you happy. It points out the ugly truths and trends in America which could lead to its demise.
And the downside of the book is that there were no solutions ventured forth .
I for one believe that with the new President and congress some of the issues this book sheds light on , Obama already repealed some of the religious fueled policies of Bush and we have our first study FDA approved trial of stem cells therapy.
I believe that Obama`s focus , unlike the oilmen Bush and Cheney , is truly to ween us off of Oil and I believe the economy meltdown has put market forces back to work in the right way for that to happen.

As far as the economy and debt , The economic recession has also radically changed the corporate financial landscape , Obama will push through more regulatory oversight to prevent such recurrence and we as Americans have no choice but to become savers not spenders and one can see this happening now as more and more retail stores shut down , and businesses cut back. We may raise our National debt in the short term but I feel that the painful corrections at home and in business are well under way.
There is hope.

View all my reviews.

12/28- The New York Jets Lose the final game of the season and miss the playoffs. After what appeared to be a championship bound season in november , they turned ghastly in december and losing to Pennington who they jettisoned for Favre.

12/13/08 - Michael Crichton , a favorite author of mine ,whose death in Nov 2008 prompted me to read and review a book I have owned but not read . See review

12/11/ 08 Yankees and Jets making news - See SPORTS

11/20/2008 Finally have the Wedding Photos up - See the Gallery

nov 2008 - it only took me 2 years but I put some of 2006 pictures including Aruba found in the middle of the rolls -

Novermber 2008- Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States, as the country chose him as its first black chief executive. - See World News

November 2008 - See Books and Mags new library list from Goodreads


Summer is over , It was a relatively good one. See some of the pics in the gallery


Columbus day weekend - Did some fall foliage leaf peeping - check it out


April 26th 2008

Lori and I are officially married !!!

Check out our Honeymoon Pictures in the Gallery



5/30/08 See the Vermont Travel Page

Jan 2008 - See the new food pyramid produced by scientific method in Harvard instead of being produced by lobbyists.




1/2/08- See What I`m reading now

12/28/08 - See 101 - Ten Minute Recipes

january 08- xmas sucked this year but Lori and I enjoyed spending new years in manhatten for an entire weekend -

Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell the government what they want and their kids pay for it. ~Richard Lamm

*** 12/15/07 All my xmas shopping is done - can`t wait for xmas to be over so I can shop for myself. Merry xmas to me !

12/10/07 Books and Mags

12/12/07 Some xmas recipes

Happy New Year 2007

only two paragraphs down is my last new years message - nice , obviously I followed thru with that

2/19/06 - I have changed the format of my website by adding a blog to the splash page , unfortunately during the process I wiped out the message boards. I`m sorry I will fix it soon.

2/14th/06 I love you Lori

My boy Billy and his son

Its 2006 , another year gone by , and time again to refresh and re-attempt at all those resolutions that you stalled on come February. My attempt this year is to again start those resolutions and follow thru...come march re-up them , then again in june and yet again in september. Let each season be the beginning of a new beginning. Its a great idea ...we`ll see if it works. Part of my resolution is to update my site more consistently.

1/9 2006 - I have just obtained for Safeside Chimney a new phone number - Its<

1-800-CHIMNEY -- Now this time next year I`m gonna be bragging about how much this vanity number is kicking ass once i marketed the heck out of it.

1/1/ 2006 - Well the new year is here , I aaven`t updated since the summer . I suck ... As usu8al I do plan on doing a better job this year. Feel free to email me ideas or pics or clipart or thoughts and opinions to help me out. Anyway with or without your help I will do better this year (I almost promise)

12/25 - Xmas was nice this year , better than last I enjoyed both sides of my family`s xmas visits and was happy to see AJ and Amanda up from SC xmas night and beating Charlie at darts for the first time crowned the evening. Don`t have much planned for New Years , looks like take out and movies at home with my love to celebrate the new year.

7/13/05 Finally have some pics of Charlie and Frans wedding ---Visit the Gallery

7/13/05 Vacation pictures from Lori and I...road trip to D.C , thru the virginia mountains , to charleston SC ---> Myrtle beach.. Actually this gallery covers most of the summer including a wedding we went to , some waterfalls we visited , a few pics of the bachelor party pad we hung at for Charlies Bachelor party - Check it out


7/17/05 We went to Kennebunkport Maine and had a real cool weekend. ITs only 2 1/2 hours from us , but it took closer to 3pm - we went straight to Ogonquit Beach which was nice (sand beach ...one of only a few ...most are rocky look pretty but can`t hang out there type beaches) and the area cool with all the shops and clam shacks etc; But I kinda felt like the place was hyped up more than it was worth. The beach was cool but so is jones beach , long island , and the party beaches of Rhode island. But anyway it was a cool time , the next day we did the walk along the cliff and water called Marginal Way ...we got a lot of pics of that. I`ll tghem up in the gallery soon. That was extra cool ..we stayed in Kennebunkport about a mile from where George Bush Sr. summer home is ..It is gated and has a securtiy booth to restrict access to nobodies like us.. Beautiful area though, right on the water and the rocky shore...have great pics of that stuff too. Ck out the Gallery for Maine 2005---We ate some killer seafood , laid out on the beach ...hit the ridiculously cold ocean a few times for only a few minuites at a pop (like 20 deg colder than Myrtle Beach) but damn was it invigorating/ We had a good time ...it is beautiful there ...but ZERO nighhtlife that we could find...everything died around 10ish...Still thought all the literature and brochures made the place out to be cooler than it was but it is def. worht a vist. We hit the Kitteryu outlets on the way home and I grabbed some Phat Geoffrey Beene clothes for 1/2 price...Found one last clam shack for some fried seafood and boom ...home only a couple hours later...NICE...(I have warmed up to CT over the past few years as it is pretty close to a lot of cool stuff.

7/15- Lori and I are doing a weekend in Kennebunkport Maine , never been will let ya know how it was.

7/13/05 Been a great summer so far ...best in a long while. I have not been updating very much and definitely need to do so but it takes up a lot of time. Gonna try to be better with it. Visit the Gallery for some pics of the summer. Had a cool memorial day and july 4th party at kyles - including paintball fight the day before. Went to Charlies killer bachelor party in PA , also paintball. CHarlies wedding was a great time with all the NY boys back together including floridian Yaro , Moscow Gruber and CHarleston SC very own AJ snow and amanda. LOri and I have done some daytrips to some local waterfalls scattered thruought connecitcut.. I have some pics in the gallery but im gonna put a few of the videos online for ya`ll to download , they are beautiful. My boy Brando got a nother national commercial , and zipped in from Cali to hang wit us last week. Nice to see ya bro. July 4th ...much more to describe there but have to say it was a pissa .. not too many pics this year but I`ll gety around to fillin in the details more specifically soon. Been up to Boston and to the casino hangin with Loris little sister and her college friends ..have to say I had a good time drinkin wit da youngins....I`m guessing I drank more but I`m also guessing I was hungover the next week and they continued partying night after night. Had a few nice days at the beach this year , already gone more than last year , i think ...should check the log. I can`t think of what else has been new and groovy but Lori and I have been keeping busy and enjoying life this summer. Around the house we have been doing Gardening...yes I said gardening...got lettuce , squash , broccoli , peas , peppers etc; coming up...also have been planiting stuff arounmd the yard ( we bought the home with a lot of perrenials that come up in differnt areas , differnet times of the season -its preety neat to come home and see flowers that werent there just the other day.

Oright ...promise to fill in more as I rememver it and get more specific for those of you that may find my life interesting (o.k ..maybe just for myself to reread one day)

7/11/05 Gained all those pounds back...Yeah ...just like that -

4/11/05 Lost 3 more pounds this week , Forgot to tell ya`ll that since about mid march Lori and I have been in a weekly contest to see who lost the most weight. Its not a serious contest but it keeps it fun as we have been playing raquet ball , I`ve been hiting the gym , and we have been trying to eat better (my sat night , middle of the night munchies notwithstanding) We always bet something , Lori bet that if she won I`d have to do the dishes for the whole week. My winning bets have not been that innocent or domestic. Hee Hee - I won this week !

4/10/05 Sat night , go meet up with my boy Matt Houser , he`s leaving for Michigan on MOnday ,Forever ...to be nearer to his daughter and start a new life. We go out , I drink like a fish ,Hit Dennys on the way home , slept late Sunday (hey this sounds like a pattern hmmm...) Anyway I`m gonna miss you Bro. I wish you well.

Feeling guilty that I`m on like 4 out of 5 Sundays of sleeping late ...I mow the lawn , pick up the leaves and sticks(with the lawnmower) , dig up some dirt areas in the back and driveway area and plant some soon to be pretty wildflowers. Dig up the overgrown weed invested , abortion of a garden we ignored last year. It is now ready to feed us for the summer as soon as I get some seeds in it . I`m thinking a few more weeks when there is less danger of an overnight frost. Then you can look at my Home and Garden Page and see this years weed infested garden.

4/3 Zipped down to NY , for Frannie`s surprise shower.OK ,thanks to my big mouth it wasn`t a surprise. Last time I was in NY , drinkin` and yappin , Lori insistently kept shoving a letter in my face which had a date on it. She looked at me expectantly ...not knowing what it was she was bothering me with , I spoke out loud , Yeah April 3rd , so what is it. Well , dummy ! thats the Surprise ! shower date you jackoff. Quickly realizing my error when the room got silent and finally scanning the letter to see it was an invitation and lori`s expectant look was , Hey Yappy , You need to get my ass down here for that weekend.....I commence to yell out different dates just to confuse the issue and maybe Franny would just think I`m a rambling moron and would disregard anything I said. Didn`t work. I ruined the shower.

O.k , Charlie and Fran admitted that her sister would`ve ruined the surprise anyway ...so again we zip down to NY , Go out Sat night , drink a bunch, end up at the diner , I sleeep all Sunday , lori goes to shower , franny has good time . We drive home. Good Deal !

3/25/05 Thur night- Hung out with my girl Andrea, damn , I haven`t gone out during the week in like a year it seems. We just had a coffee and bullshitted but it felt good being out during a weeknight and good to see my girl , as we don`t hang out like we used to. We made promises of hangin` out more so we shall see.

3/19 Got up early Sat AM - ya know like 10am ....well anyway Lori and I played racquetball, kicked her ass...no really it kicked her ass , she is sore as hell today. It was nice to do something outside and athletic..I`m planning on doing a lot more of that type stuff this year. Its fun , free, and good for you. Now If I can only get Lori not to toss the football away when I`m about to tackle her.

Sat Night , started off nicely with a red bull and vodka to get the system fully caffeinated and off to Up or on the Rocks .. a pretty cool 2 floor bar with dance music upstairs and a band downstairs. We went to see Fear Nuttin Band , a killer Hard drivin` rasta band. I was even dancing ! Chris aka Dork D was even dancing...now thats something. Now its sunday and we are just laying around , went food shopping and to Lowes to pick up wildflowers for the yard - real exciting stuff. My life is just one big roller coaster ride of exhilaration. Yeah whatever ...what did you do ?

3/21/05 Read Conjectures of Heaven by Kevin Beary

3/13 Went down to Ny finally to do the weekend that we didn`t do last week. Went to Governors Comedy club. It was fun. The comics were o.k but the last comic, the guy from Crank Yankers that does Special Ed " I make in my pants sometimes!" was real funny. We got in free , thanks to Chuck. We then went to this dive bar , wasn`t really too much of a dive , had a band playing and it was kinda hopping. We had a good time. Hit the Diner at shit o`clock in the morning with Karen and her brother. Stayed at Phils , drove back up the next morning (actually like 2pm when I got up) I felt crappy on the way home , real crappy. I didn`t think I was hungover because I slept it off. After a long miserable drive I came home , tried to crash and woke up projectile puking my brains out. I puked so hard it hurt my back. I was sore , achey all over , and was coming out at both ends all day and night long. I couldn`t sleep because everything hurt , I was squirming and stretching and twisting and shaking like an addict going thru withdrawal. It was horrible. I don`t know if it was a bug , food poisoning , or alcohol poisoning. I would think it couldn`t have been the latter as I truly did not feel hung over, though I did drink quite a bit. I think I am much to small a person to consume the amount of alchol I can consume; I can drink an absorbitant amount without appearing overly intoxicated, yet in the morning wooohhh , I`m hurt. We took some pics and I`ll have them up in the gallery soon

3/6/05 Kevin`s Bday..We didn`t go to NY , Charlies Dad was at the hospital on an emergency basis. He is doing well know , we wish him well. Lori and I ended up going to Rookies , a sports bar in cromwell. They had a Great Band , Big Shot , a tribute band to Billy Joel. The saxophone dude toured with Billy for about 10 years. The singer , he had a shaved head so he didn`t look right but his voice was incredible. You turn around and damn .. sounds like Billy himself. He was a long Island dude , I introduced myself at the end of the show. We had a great time , then hit the diner in the middle of the night (just like old times on long island)

Sunday -Lori took me out for Suschi , as it is my favorite but not hers so I don`t get to have it very often. She can only get a few down until she gags on one , I don`t know what it is , I think its in her mind. Anyway , I had a good birthday weekend. Going to Ny next weekend instead , it was franny`s bday too on the 4th - She`s gettin old too..

3/4/05 Its my birthday weekend. Yup they keep coming - Turning 34 ..who wooda thunk it. Off to NY since noone around here is doin anything . I need to get away for a bit anyway. Thanks Phil and Karen for lettin me stay over . see ya tomorrow

2/12- Had the best ski weekend since I can remember , beat the crap out of the last trip. Nice weather , decent conditions , ski`d with Chris which was fun , his wipeouts are cool. Partied nice at a Killer Ski house that Kyle has a share in. I know those guys thru Kyle and my old ski house I was in a few years back. These guys know how to party. Anyway , they built this monstrously huge , 21 Bed , Multi - room, soon to be basement Bar and stage , killer kool ski house. We were up til 3 or 4 everynight but I still got out the door at 11am , not bad for me. Anyway , had a great time , I`m repeating this coz i`ve been nothing but miserable lately , so I will reread this again when shit reverts back to its typical mundane frustrating self.

1/24/05 - Its been forever since I have updated and I apologize. I decided to write about my weekend. Unfortunately , it was not even a good one. Why update now then ? read on....

I decided to go skiing for the weekend with my buddy Matt and his brother Ryan. We decided to go on the coldest weekend of the year. -12 degrees on Sat. We did know it was going to be pretty brutal weekend and Matt actually called to see if he can get out of the reservations without losing his deposit on the ski and stay trip . No Dice !
We leave on Fri night , after I get out of work . I wanted to sneak out like 5ish but as usual shit hits the fan at work and I don`t get home til 7:30. Stressed and frustrated and not looking forward to the weekend to be honest but I try to joke about it and remain calm. I think i succeeded. Anyway , we drove the 4 + hours to Upstate Vermont and arrive at about 12ish. We took my car , Subaru WRX , All wheel Drive baby. We go out for a few drinks , kinda laid back. No place real exciting but no matta , up until we find out that the mountain that we were going to doesn`t allow snow boarders. Say what ! Matt and Ryan both board. Obviously this was going to affect our ski and stay trip.We had a pretty decent deal for the lift tickets and they were due to be even better as Mad River Glen discounted the tickets due to the cold conditons. Anyway back at the hotel to crash about 3 am. We set the alarm for 9:30 to ski. We are going to ski Sugarbush which is much more snow board friendly. Not that I care , I ski , I hate knuckle draggers too.

I wake up at 6:30 AM and toss and turn until the alarm goes off at 9:30 I didn`t drink a lot but I was definitely feeling that shot I did and couldn`t fall back asleep as I felt kinda shitty. I don`t know ...I was stressing about getting up early that I couldn`t sleep . I don`t know. I didn`t think I had anxiety disorder but maybe I do on occasion.- Anyway , I didn`t sleep ....at all for 3 hours ... whatever

I wake Matt and Ryan up and they were kinda bitchin about how cold it was and wanted to kinda puss out of skiing and go Sunday instead. I was kinda perturbed coz I knew their was nothing to do but ski . So we basicly did nothing most of the day , driving around a dead vermont town checking out nothing , went back to the hotel and did a little nothing , then took a nap , then woke up and went out to dinner. Its Snowing !!! Nice steak place , expensive. The restaurant and parking lot was in the typical vermont location , at the top of a long steep winding driveway UP and Around and Up on a flat area of a mountain. On the way back down the long winding driveway my car slid , and slipped into a neatly carved ditch. My attempts at slamming into reverse then jamming into drive did nothing but scrape up the side of my car on the carved out frozen earth. Matt called AAA , but then his phone died , so we walked up , and around and up into the overpriced restaurant and used the phone there. 1/2 hour or so later , we met the local due winched us out and we were homebound. Went to bed earlyish as I wanted to get up early and be sober to get a good day of skiiing in as we receieved about 6in of fresh poweder. Matt decided to go out , I`m not in the mood , especially since all the bars we looked at sucked. Alarm goes off , I`m up. Not tired . Slept good. Wake up the boys .. Matt brags about what a great time we missed (ryan didn`t go either) . Screw you Matt , don`t wanna hear it . Lets ski !!!!

About 9am , we are in the car , for a great early start and then thump , thump , thump. The sound of a flat tire.........

Yes , the previous nights tire spinning did the tire in. Front tire is dead and actually spinning of the rim due to us driving a half mile or so before I realized why the car was driving so funny. So Matt and I whipped out the old handy jack and donut that comes with the car. Real fancy machinery that they throw in on a $30,000 vehicle. A real cracker ass jack and a screw driver to turn it with. We get the car jacked , pull the old tire off , am about to put the donut on and WHAM !!!! The jack gives and the car crashes down onto the exposed disk brakes !!! So ... now we have this shitty ass jack that does not fit underneath the car now coz it is so low to the ground due to its bearing its weight on the brakes.

Matt calls the local tow dude as AAA spoke about an hour and half wait. I send Matt and his bro on the ski bus to get at least some runs in and tell them I`ll catch up. At this stage , I just wanted to get the F&%$ out of Vt and end this shitty weekend. But I , thusfar have remained fairly calm. I think I`m getting mellow in my old age.

The tow truck dude comes with his winch and his "slide out the bottom of the truck lift thingy " and a chain and hook thingy and air powered in and outy houies , but no standard freaking jack. It takes him over 30 minutes and various attempts to figure out that there is no way to winch up the car without tearing off all the plastic housing on either the wheel well , the under carriage , or the side door. He gets Mcgyverish and lifts the back of the car up high enough to stuff the Flat ass tire underneath and balance the car on it , now since the car is finally off the breaks and ground , lifting the front is easy. Yeah , it would`ve been cake , had the jack not kicked out.

Anyway , get the donut on and drive back to the shop with the flat. I get talked into buying all 4 tires because I have all wheel drive and having different tire can screw things up. So $600 bucks later and I`m off to get some skiing in and meet up with Matt and Ryan. I go to call Matt and I realize I can`t find my $500 palm pilot cell phone anywhere ! GREAT !!! Lost my phone and don`t have any more insurance coz its the 3rd time. Who needs a cell anyway !

Luckily I saw Matt as I got to the mountain lodge. We got a few good runs but every time up on the lift its getting colder and windier and the good coverage of new snow that was there this morning while i was spending money I don`t have on my car is being windswept , leaving nice areas of ice patches and then WHAM !!!

No , just kidding , I don`t fall , I`m too good. But it was too brutal to keep skiing , so we call it a day after a $60 lift ticket (no such discounts at this mountain) and about 4 runs , we are headed homebound on a 4 + hour trip.

Did I mention that this was the Blizzard of 05 weekend , where boston , and parts of ct got 12- 18in of snow. Vermont where I wanted it to snow got a lousy 6in , but Mass and Ct , that I need to drive thru to get home got slammed. Needless to say the drive home was a little longer than the drive up , as snow and ice kept everyone in the right lane and there was only a few safe spots to pass. Passing trucks on the left on ice and snow , as the wind buffets you and the air pressure from the truck buffets you , is a lot of fun. NOT

Anyway , we actually didn`t do too bad time on the way home, It got better after the first few hours. Well , I made it home and I survived the weekend trip from hell. I guess it happens now and then. I originally was thinking that I`m going to hibernate for the rest of my life and never go out because whenever I attempt to do something fun it turns into misery. I have since reconciled with the botched weekend and anticipate future ventures , hopefully with better results.


Well another year has gone by , unfortunately this one ended with a tragedy that the whole world has felt. I donated $50 to red cross through amazon.com to help the survivors of the tsunami. At midnight tonight , I believe many of us will say a prayer and also give thanks for what we do have. I wish all a happy , safe and wonderful new year. This is the time to refocus and do the things that we want to do to enrich our lives. Happy New Year.

My message board has been down , and my server has been sold to a different company for the 2nd time. Everytime they switch companies it is up to me to figure out how to access my site , what a pain in the ass.

9/4/04 Phil and Karens wedding was a success. I think despite the stress right before the wedding , they both appeared to say screw it and had a good time. See the gallery for the pics. All us NY boys in the wedding party looked smooth. We had a good time together but some things don`t change , Scottio had to take a little breather for an hour or so during dinner. Download this VIDEO to see our concern for our buddy Scott.

The Summer of 2004 - Basicly sucked

7/11/04 - We had a surprise party for Karen`s 30th birthday party. we were the ones surprised because Phil and Karen showed up 2 hours late! Karen said she felt guilty coz she knew Lori and I zipped down from Ct to be there. They made it up by letting us sleep over and we went to the beach the next day which was nice. I miss the beach. Next weekend I`m hitting a ct beach but the sound is not the ocean. The party was nice , had some good food , a few drinks and great company. I love NY except when it comes to traffic. Both there and back had a stretch of driving for an hour in traffic and going only 20 miles. C`est La Vie.

7/6th - Had a great weekend , its been a while since I had a good one . I want to thank my NY Boys n Girls for coming up and staying with us . I always love your company. I think we all had a good time. Kyles party was hopping. Good food , plenty of alcohol .. I kicked ass at volley ball with no help from Charlie (just kidding) I couldn`t win anything this weekend , lost at chess , Madden football and even ping-pong (unheard of ) I probably would have sulked the rest of the weekend if I didn`t win some volleyball ! Check out pics in the gallery

The night before we went out to Billy Halls pad , had a good time there , thanks for the invite Billy , always cool. Karen learned how to shot a bow and arrow. No one got hurt so its a good time.

7/4 th weekend - Have my boys and girls from Long Island coming up to stay at my new house - Kyle is having a 4th of July party and should have some killer fireworks , I`m looking forward coz I feel like I already wasted the summer bummin around feeling sorry for myself. Should be a cool weekend , I`ll let ya know and share the pics

6/29 - My friend Andrea left for Kuwait for 90 days (or more) She will be living in Tent City doing Airforce type stuff (I don`t really know what she does and she doesn`t explain it very well ...love her anyway) She promised to write and let us know what its like there. She had to get shot up with small pox vaccine before going (not optional) Scary stuff.

6/19 Went down to NY to visit my Dad for Fathers day . Went to the beach to do some surf casting , caught nothing ..It was a Good Day. Happy Fathers day , Pops!

6/8/04 Damn its been a while since I updated my site. Sorry for the few people that check me out here and there. Lori and I areofficially moved in to my new house. Had a cool housewarming party Memorial day weekend followed by a bash at Kyles house. I wanted to thank Phil and Karen for the nice wine rack they bought us. I will be updating the site more often now that I have everything setteled.. Click on Whats New on the index page to see any additions. Talk to ya`ll.

4/3 AJ`s Birthday .His 30th - He`s officially an oldtimer now.. Lori and I split a hotel room with Charlie and Fran in Manhatten to party for the weekend. I love NYC. Lori and I went to the museum of sex during the day before everyone shot into the city. Been there before (read prev visit) They had a new theme about Chinese sexuality. It was o.k , showed more information on female foot binding than anything I consider sexy but hey , to each their own. Anyway ... we met up at hotel , AJ and Amanda , charlie and fran and US. My boy Brando popped up too. We got lucky , the hotel room was pretty big and had an area with couches so we chilled out there for a bit suckin down a few. Us boys had political arguments and conversations , and who knows what the women were talking about. We met Phil and Karen at the club - Crobar (crobar.com) Kind of an alternative type club but it was pretty cool. I know charlie didn`t like the music as much but I thought it was cool. Kinda techno-hop music , Charlie was hoping for TKA, I guess. ............... ................AJ had the hookup and got us in COMP! + a wristband that let us go into the "cool rooms" that other people couldn`t get into. Not that these other rooms weren`t completely packed but Hey we got to feel cool for a bit. Anyway , We had a great time , always cool hangin` wit da boys N girls. Happy Bday AJ

3/26 - Thursday night , hmmm what to do . We went to City steam in Hartford,hit the comedy club downstairs, No charge tonight , don`t know why but won`t argue. Opening comedian , definitely an amateur but modrrately funny. Headliner ,a chick , funny as hell , Next to us we had a father and his two cutey daughters who spent the evening accepting apologies from the vulgar comedians. Overall a good time . Lori has a buzz. Im gonna get her !

3/17/04 GREAT HOUSE NEWS ! After further inspection of the heating system it turns out that the radiant heat is not leaking and just needs some minor repairs which the sellers are doing for us. April 15th is the closing. WE are gonna have a house !!!

3/11/04 Happy Bday to my Lil Sister ! Shes old now too !!! Lori took me out to the bushnell to see the Chieftains. A traditional irish band, (yeah im on an irish kick) with 4 decades of experience. It was a fun concert. If you never heard of them , zip to your local library and pick up The Long Black Veil or buy it thru my amazon link. LIsten to the collaborations with STing, Sinead O`connor , The rolling Stones etc;

3/6/04 Happy Birthday to Me !! -Im officially old and grumpy. Well Ive always been grumpy- Tonight we zipped down to Toads Place in New Haven CT to see Black 47 , an Irish rock band^^^ cool , fun music

went to see Billy Joels Movin` out broadway play at The Bushnell in Hartford. I wasn`t sure what to expect. It was a play , I should`ve realized that despite cool music it was still going to be a play. Basicly just a bunch of dancing around ,(looked like ballet to me)to a weak story told by Billy Joel songs. The band was located above the stage and they were pretty good. The singer didn`t sound like Billy Joel at all but he still sounded good. Overall , because of the music it was worth seeing (who doesn`t like Billy Joel)

2/25/04 I Put a deposit down on a house for Lori and I. We are going to be Homeowners !!!! Closing date is April 15th ... I have a home inspector coming this friday. Fingers crossed , deals can still fall thru prior to closing but I believe we are good to go. I`ll let Ya`ll know when the housewarming party is.


2/21 Congratulations to Lori`s sister Christie and her Boston University accapella group,Terpsichore, for taking 2nd place in a competition that took place at Wesleyan College in Middletown Ct. They will be moving on to semi-finals in Vermont. Their group was excellent as usual , I`ve seen and heard them before , and the group that won were good, especially the song "Somebody to Love" by Queen ,but the rest were kind of boring or nonsensical, in my inexpert opinion.

2/20 Karaoke Night at Marco Polo. Billy was in the mood for Karaoke to celebrate his birthday that has long passed. Sorry Billy , Happy belated birthday. The highlight of the evening was Billy and Rich doing a renditon of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix Alot. Lori and I did a duet singing the police song Every Breath You Take. It was o.k , we both did better solo. Lori sang Poe`s Angry Johnny and rocked it , I did some Billy Joel. I`ve definitely done better. But in comparison to some of the torturous wailing performed by other revelers, I could`ve been on Star Search. Seriously it was painful.

2/14/04 Did our first official house looking - Yes we are looking to buy a home though we are not in a hurry. Saw a few houses in the East Hartford area , one of which I would consider , Lori wants to do a bit more looking around. Typical woman shopper , She didn`t like me blurting out "I`ll take it" everytime I glimpsed a possible house choice. We just shop differently I guess.

2/13/04 Well , the comedy wedding was interesting. Lori was thoroughly entertained. It definitely had moments and was fun for the most part if you don`t mind a bit of interactive slap stick with the "italian wedding party cast". WE went with Jamie and Amy and a few of their friends. Of course they used Jamie as a prop when the bride tripped and fell on the floor right in front of him , as the ushers surrounded Jamie , I was unsure how that was gonna play out as Jamie was backing up but had his hands in the air. There were no brawls however , The groom even came over later in the evening and admitted that he found it hysterical that Jamie tripped his new bride. The grooms "ex-girlfriend" showed up at the "wedding" to start trouble including sitting on the laps of some of the guys at our table , at one point during one of my many trips to the bar I came back to see her "flirting" with Lori (I leave you alone for two minutes and she`s picking up women again, I stated) That was my joke for the evening. All in all it was cool , Lori and I hit the chowder pot bar for a farewell drink and to listen to the band we could hear slightly thru the walls of the ballroom (lori didn`t like that as we were consdiering this for our wedding spot - we`ll see) See a few of the pics taken form the show

I`m taking Lori to the Chowder Pot , a killer sea food restaurant in Hartford. We are going with a group of 12 to the banquet side of the restaurant for a mock wedding (Joey and Marias wedding) Happy Valentines day all and I`ll let ya know how it was.

Tue 2/10/04 - Went up to North Hampton Mass to Pearl St. to see Suicidegirls.(click to see their website) Basicly it was a semi-nude burlesque show. Cute girls , cute act but unfortunately this club which typically just plays bands has a stage that is not very tall so it was a lotta tippy toeing , hopping , climbing to get to see. But anyway it was still interesting, the band that opens for them were good , kinda nirvana meets janes addiction.

2/7 Went to Jackson New Hampshire in the white mountains for a 3 day weekend and some skiing. - Check it out here on the New Hampshire travel page

2/5 Wrote a little story for my site ...just some rambling thoughts - click me

2/2 Well , New England won , what a bummer ...I thought they were gonna choke but guess not. Kyles basement rocks , we had a cool time , check out the pics.

2/1 Super Bowl Sunday - Going to Kyles who finally finished his basement with a bar / pool tavle , air hockey , and Monstrous t.v - Lotsa Safeside Boys coming and the usual assortment of Ct friends to make it. I`m hoping New England gets their @ass kicked -

1/24th - Went up to Gore Mountain to ski and see my mom who lives15 min away in Lake George. My mom had a house built up there on a beautiful secluded plot of land with creeks and streams running thru and wildlife everywhere. The house is all wood with an open floor plan , fp , with an interior porch with woodstove,reading room.A full huge basement with a ping pong table , that Bobby built (her hubby) so well that you would never know it wasn`t store bought. We snow shoed on the property and saw all sorts of tracks winding in and out. Its like grand central. We think one of the tracks was a grey wolf , and we know they have a bear that attacked the bird feeder. I looked in a nature book that shows animal tracks and insist that one of the tracks we saw was a Jaguar , but my mom steadfastly maintains Jaguars aren`t in this part of the country :-) I wimped out on skiing as it was 20 below at the base of the mountain. No biggy - going to New Hampshire the White mountains 2/7th -I`ll have some pics up.

1/10/04 - First log since the fall kicked my @ass - Our buddy Yaro has decided to get married and gave his New York boys a few weeks notice. SO , me and Lori, charlie and fran , PHil and Karen , A.J and Amanda - All shot down to West Palm Beach Florida to REPRESENT! Also can`t forget Bill and Sandy who dropped off the newborn with a frantic grandmother and zipped down. This was not going to be the traditional wedding , It was at a club , with a stage , no priest , no major fanfare , just a lot of good friends ,family and good cheer. Yaro was dressed in all black , he looked like Morpheous from the Matrix, Sam was in a beautiful and interesting dress. I must`ve told her she was beautiful like 10x , Yaro at one point came up to me and whispered ,"isn`t she Hot !" and I had to agree. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of the whole wedding scenario at first , in a club , a skull cake , bands playing , and a number of interesting characters that Yaro befriened over the years. But I have to say that this was the BEST wedding I have ever been at. ON stage after the official marriage papers were stamped , The "MC" (Yaro`s buddy thats in a band) called up friends and family that had a few words for the happy couple. There was not a truly dry eye in the house as the love for my boy and his girl was apparent . I`m happy to see that Yaro has made a good life for himself down in Florida. Charlie went up and Represented NY with a few "back in da day stories". Most of us were too chicken shit to do it ... Thankx bro. - See the Wedding Page









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