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Most of my updates will be reflected on the index flash page and then archived here

2013 - I haven't used this page in years. Most everything is in kb's log or the two blogs. I reserve the right to update in future. I want to keep this history

5/1/09 Politics and World news page - minor updates

4/26/09 updated Connecticut page

04/25/09 - Happy Birthday Lori , I love you

3/2/09 - added a book review to world news

2/20th/09 - Added to the Ct Page

Feb2nd - Added to Happiness Article Page


11/1/08 - Movies and Sports widget installed

12/10/07 Updated some out of date pages

7/07 - fixed blog

2/20/07 Play games at the update Kasual Kafe Game Page

2/17/07 Started the Las Vegas Travel Page- have more to add

2/17/07 Created a My Family Page - Have more work to do with it

2/14/07 Happy Valentines Day - I still love you Lori - Click here to see how much

2/12/07 Back from Vegas - ck out the pics

Jan 7th - 2007 - Visit the Kasualkafe Connecticut Page


1/7/06 FINALLY >>>READ Part IIa- of Conjectures of Heaven **if you don`t recall part I - Click ME

1/9/2006 Is Bush Spying , Breaking the law ?

The Kasualkbs` log - Kevins Blog -----Updated-01/09/2006!!!!

1/09/06 Is Bush Spying , Breaking the Law ?

1/7/06 FINALLY >>>READ Part IIa- of Conjectures of Heaven **if you don`t recall part I - Click ME

1/1 -2006 Updated -- thought of the month - movies page - kb`s log - Yankees - Bus and Money - World News - Local News - Music - Science

See Kool Links Menu -Bottom Left Side for the new categories !



3/29/05 Visit the new and improved Games Page --->


7/15 -see kasualkb`s log or simply ck out the pics - Maine 2005

7/13/05 Visit the Gallery for Charlies Wedding PIcs and for the pics of my summer 2005

3/28/05 Spoiler Review of Pillars of Earth by Ken Follet

3/26/05 Presidential Timeline

3/21/05 Conjectures of Heaven , a story by Kevin Beary

3/19 - New misc. Pictures in the Gallery

3/16 -Dramaticly Grammatical - By Kevin Beary

3/15/05 - New Categories and Content See Kool Links Menu -Bottom Left Side

3/10/05 Two new poems --3/7/05 New poetry by Kevin Beary

3/7/05 New Info-Feeds on all Check Me Out menu -------------------------->
by Fresh Content.net -
<--------------and new Kasual kafe pages on Kool links menu

3/4 partially done - Happiness by Kevin Beary *********

3/2/05 - Links added to Politics as well as a news feed

2/23 - New Book of the month for March

2/22 - A new look for site with a few additions/subtractions on all pages

2/18/05 Food and Drink - Iced Coffee Recipes

2/16/05 How to Read a book and Why - By Kevin Beary

2/15/05 Dewey Decimal System

2/14 Spoiler Review of Stonehenge - February`s Book of the Month -Don`t read unless you read the book already

2/4/05 Book of The Month -February

1/25/05- Read Social Security Under Attack

9/4/04 Phil and Karens wedding photos NEW PICS from Amanda added 2/1/05

9/24/04 - Andrea La Mountains trip to Kuwait with the reserves

07/06/04 - Read My Review of The Da Vinci Code -

07/04/04 JULY 4th - Party at Kyles -See Gallery

6/21/04 Governor Rowland Resigns - Read about it on Local News

6/23/04 Finally found my camera and put up Memorial Day 2004

6/22/04 A Poem of Joy by Kevin Beary

6/13/04 - More news from the other side of the world -Brian Gruber

5/9/04 See Pics of the Kevin and Lori`s New House

4/7/04 Read Are We Safer ?by Kevin Beary

4/7/04 Read Letter from Democratic Governors to George Bush PDF FILE

3/27/04 - A letter to middle class conservatives by Kevin Beary

3/18/04 See Local News - Governor Rowland`s corruption

2/23 The looting of America by Kevin Beary

2/22 Yankees beat the Bosox babies again By Kevin Beary

2/18 Letter to the FCC , Kevin Beary

2/13/04 See some pics from Joey and Marias comedy wedding

2/7/04 - A Snapshot of life by Kevin Beary

2/10/04 - New Hampshire trip to the white mountains

Yaro`s wedding -





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