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The study of Philosophy is a way for you and I to look into the greatest minds of mankind of the last 2500 years. Our fellow man has had the same questions over the last 25+ centuries that you and I have. We are to profit when we read what the great philosophers have written when they trained their eye on abstract ideas like happiness, justice , eternity , the reason for living. Some people may believe philosophy is primarily secular and even anti-religious but this is not the case; The majoriy of philosophers had a strong belief in the almighty , though possibly a different belief in dogma. It is fair to believe that God would not limit our exploration of his creation with the great gifts of reason He has provided us. This page is dedicated to the exploration of our world , one that we can contemplate through the questions that philosophy asks.

This page will be an ongoing process of adding bits of wisdom obtained from the great ideas talked about throughout the centuries, in the realm of philosophy.

Sophie's World (Paperback) Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
This may be officially the first book I seriously read in my aim to educate myself. I always was a casual reader but would go months without reading and mostly read fantasy books. I did read some for dummies books and liked some of the history books , but I remember this book to be the one that set me off on my quest of self-education.

I believe the impetus was 9-11th 2001 when I realized how little I knew about this world. I also was 30 yrs old , the adult threshold , and in Jan 2002 , I asked Lori to marry me, another step up the sociological ladder. It was at this time I began to get serious about teaching myself everything and anything about this world.

For posterities sake I will date this transformation , Jan 2002 which as most of us know is also the month when we set our goals ; so this seems to be a fair estimate.

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Atlas Shrugged Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
Major influence of my philosophy. Of all the philosophy I have read , this has made the most sense to me .
That doesn`t mean I subscribe to every aspect of her philosophy , but even in the areas I disagree or choose to suspend judgement , the explanations of her stance in a particular area of philosophy makes me understand that particular area better than I ever did.
A Priori Knowledge

Understanding objectivism , made all the above aspects of philosophy easier to grasp when reading other philosophers.

I believe its attraction is its simplicity , and ease of breaking down many various views on life to it primary precepts.
The book itself does harp on capitalism and a kind of objreality utopia that I believe is impossible to duplicate but I enjoyed the book. I`m not sure everyone would enjoy this book but it is a worthy read. Her ideas are pretty much hammered repetitively to you throughout the book.

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Metaphysics --Study of Existence --What's out there?
Epistemology --Study of Knowledge --How do I know about it?
Ethics-- Study of Action ---What should I do?
Politics --Study of Force --What actions are permissible?
Esthetics-- Study of Art --What can life be like?



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