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4/26/08 - Kevin and Lori are Married !!

6/18/05 Charlie and Fran Lemieux are officially married !!! Congratulations. Good luck Franny :-)

4/10/05 Congrats to Billy and Leah (sp?) Hall on their recent wedding. They went to Florida to get married so I don`t know the exact date - I`ll fix this when I speak to them after their honeymoon.

4/11/05 I want to wish my boy Matt Houser a good trip and good luck on his move to Michigan to start a new life nearer to his daugher. Love ya Bro.

3/9/05 Happy Birthday Franny !! Love ya , my fellow pisces

Congratulations to Mike and Tammy Guess on their newborn Baby Rylan

The Bookstore is officially shut down 2/15/05 - No time to sell books - need to read them

Congratulations to Phil and Karen`s long overdue wedding ! - See Pics

Download some fireworks from Kyles house --FIREWORKS! & Fireworks2
See Gallery for 4th of July party pics

7/5 I just started reading the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I`m already enthralled. For those that already have read it check out Dan Browns Secrets website . I will write a review upon completion of the book , probably at like 2 O`clock in the morning !

07/06/04- Turned out I read until 4am ! See the Non - spoil Review

See pics of Kyle and Kevins Memorial Day Party

READ - A Poem of Joy - Kevin Beary 6/22/04

Finally See the pics of the new house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


See our New house pictures

4/22/04 Offiicially moved in and partially unpacked. Still have a lot of work to do

It is a 1500 sq foot ranch , Nice size house for the price with a Huge living room , dining room and family room all open floor plan. Has a semi-private backyard fenced on the sides and bushes and trees in back (mostly bare this time of year

Lori and I have put a deposit on a house. The closing date is 4/15/04- Happy New House! After a brief scare from the home inspection , the house deal is ON! Should be smooth sailing from here - Will let all know when the house warming party is !!!

Congratulations to Yaro and Samantha DelRosario who married January 11th 2004
See the wedding pictures Congratulations to Yaro and Samantha DelRosario who married January 11th 2004
See Yaro`s Wedding Page

June 2003 - Congratualations to John and Lisa Joslin on the arrival of TWINS !!!I`m so happy for you guys.


4/25th Happy birthday to my fiance person Lori - Happy 25th

Congratulations to Johnny and Lisa Joslin - I`d just learned they are having twins -I`m very happy for them , they are going to make great parents - A new baby boy and girl are due in the beginning of june 2003 - They need to send me pictures when that happy day arrives !

Congratulations on Skin`s new baby girl

MAY 17th 2002 Are you coming to the reunion? Do you know someone you want to see there? Drop a line , we`ll figure out how to get in touch. Let friends know , send them to the website , tell them to sign in

Feb 12th 2003 Kyle`s Mom, Kathleen Guthy passed away today. She touched many lives including mine. We are going to miss her. She included me in her family and always made me feel welcome. She always wanted to know whats going on in my life and was genuinely concerned. She really wanted to know , not small talk. She let me know that I had a part of her heart , even though I had occasionally made her crazy. "What a cool lady" , is what Lori had to say about her the one time she met her this past christmas. She made Lori feel so comfortable about being in another family`s home for Christmas, she warmed right up to her. That was Kays way. May she Rest In Peace.

Yaro and His baby girl

Another update from Brian in Saudi Arabia

See the new message boards - come visit and let yourself be heard

See some of the pics from new years and after in the Gallery


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!! - OFF to Vermont for New Years



My boy Yaro dropped a line and a pic , He said he`ll be at the reunion picnic , Heres him N his Girl



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