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Iron Man - 2008 - IMDB PAGE

KING KONG- Dec 2005

I was so looking forward to this movie , I have missed for the last decade or so , the yearly King Kong , mighty joe young etc; movies that used to play on Thanksgiving.

I was looking forward to seeing a new rendition of KING KONG based on the original but with the todays technology and move making magic.

Well the visuals and action did not disappoint but the writing and corniness was atrocious. Jack Black and his "shocked stare" scenes that were repeated a dozen times throughout the movie became annoying. The interaction between beauty and the beast at times were wonderful but at times so Hokey (sp?) and ridiculous that it just made me angry. The movie was unnecessarily long , developing characters that meant nothing to the film yet glossing over main characters. Crazy !

BUT....If you love King Kong and Love action it is still worth seeing. The first 30 minutes are useless so don`t worry about getting there late ..Once arriving at King Kongs Island , thats when the movie starts and kicks ass. It was even truly creepy at times and well done but the inevitable cheesiness and outlandishness crept in. Suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

Anyway thats my opinion , I went with Brando who was in from Cali , and he loved it , he who knows more about Hollywood than I. I must say it is still worth seeing.



.KasualKB and sidekick Dork Dangerous go to the movies to see:
The Hulk! (Rated: PG-13, approx. length: 2hrs, 30 min)

Its OK to show up to this movie late. In fact, 30-45 minutes late might
make the story a little better. You walk into the theater wanting to see
The Hulk smashing and pounding things around. However, you don't even get
to see the big bad beast until about an hour into the movie. For those Hulk
buffs, they definitely took creative liberty in adapting the storyline to a
screenplay. Its way off! Be prepared to be disappointed if you're The Incredible Hulk
expecting it to follow the comics too much.

When the Hulk does come, however, we are awarded with good and proper destruction and mayhem. Its not entirely senseless. You get a sense that
the Bruce inside the Hulk tries try to suggest a course in a certain
direction - like trying to sail upwind but you can make some minor
adjustments. You still get a good deal of collateral, senseless damage - a
good thing for all Hulk fans!

Here's a fun game: can you spot Lou Ferrigno? He's the actor who played
the green behemoth on the TV series<

Top 10 Comic Book Movies

Though immensely popular through decades, the comic book/strip has not been adaptive fodder for cinema's finest films. In the world of movies, there's been a less-than-serious look at the pulpy art form. But as comic geeks age into our new century, there's a heightened respect for the artistry and layered themes in the characters of Marvel, DC, Manga (Japanese comic books which deserve their own list of best films) and more independent graphic novelists.

Watch an interview with Marvel Comics' legend Stan Lee

With that, the comic book has been crawling out of geekdom with the full acceptance of critics and audiences alike. Hence, the big star treatment of Ben Affleck in the red suit as Daredevil, the dark Marvel comic created by Stan Lee and later made even darker by Frank Miller. Also coming up is The Hulk, from critics' darling Ang Lee, and Bryan Singer's X-Men 2, while director Brett Ratner searches for his Clark Kent. And with the nonstop talk of new projects, there are even more comics in the pipeline.

So, as we wait for more superheroes slugging out bad guys, we re-visit some of the best comic book/strip movies ever made. It's a tough task, but someone's got to do it:

10. Flash Gordon (1980)
The ultra-campy Flash Gordon remains terrible fun. Sure, it's partially the reason comic-book films weren't taken very seriously, but then what other film has a fantastic score by Queen? Made with an insane amount of color and detail, the film is a bizarre delight (disco planets, freaky trees and a green egg are just some high points). The plot? Flash Gordon must fight the evil of Ming the Merciless (yep, that's Max von Sydow) while getting the girl (a gorgeous Melody Anderson) and saving the universe. Check your brain and enjoy the show.

9. Dick Tracy (1990)
Warren Beatty (as producer, director and star) adapted Chester Gould's popular comic strip into this beautiful film with a primary palette shot in only seven colors. The cast is as impressively eye-popping, including Dustin Hoffman as Mumbles and Al Pacino as an inspired Big Boy Caprice. Remarkably, Madonna was also decent as Breathless Mahoney singing the lovely Stephen Sondheim Oscar-winning tune, "Sooner or Later."

8. Popeye (1980)
You have to be a special kind of person to love Robert Altman's Popeye. Maligned by too many as silly, this cartoonish musical looks exactly like E.C. Segar's comic strip, with Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall perfectly embodying Popeye and Olive Oyl, respectively (Duvall was born to play the string bean). And kudos to Paul Thomas Anderson who, 22 years later, honored Popeye by using the Harry Nilsson-penned ode "He Needs Me" (sung by Duvall) to punctuate the eccentricity of his romantic Punch-Drunk Love.

7. Superman: The Movie (1978)
Though many argue the second version of the DC Comic legend is better, Richard Donner's first Superman -- despite some dorky moments -- is a solid piece of Americana. Christopher Reeve remains the perfect Superman, Margot Kidder is Lois Lane, the always glorious Gene Hackman has a blast as Lex Luthor, and, in a short scene that suggests Superman may not be as clean-cut as he appears, Marlon Brando shows up as his father.

6. X-Men (2000)
A movie led by a group of mutants (OK, highly evolved mutants) had fans of the comic worried: What's Wolverine going to look like, for example? As it turned out, like a well suited though hairier Hugh Jackman. Less tongue-in-cheek than many comic films, X-Men was introspective and serious, even tackling the Holocaust as back-story for Ian McKellen's deeply pessimistic mutant Magneto. A stirring cast and intriguing story showed that with action and amusement, the comic could be taken seriously.

5. Blade II (2002)
The lesser-known Marvel comic hero -- who is half man, half vampire -- Blade (Wesley Snipes) became something of a cult movie, with legions of fans arguing over which Blade (I or II) is superior. Mexican director and comic-book freak Guillermo del Toro offers a more inspired, gorier and horrifying vision (check out the disgusting "Reaper" vampires that drink both human and vampire blood insatiably). Splendidly made and somehow more personal, del Toro got things right ... and threw a lot of blood around in the process. More directors should follow his R-rated lead in making some of these films for adults.

4. Barbarella (1968)
Unless you're talking to a die-hard feminist, it's hard to find someone who doesn't enjoy Barbarella. Roger Vadim directed his then-wife Jane Fonda as French comic-strip artist Jean-Claude Forest's sci-fi nymphet who wears skimpy, '60s space-age get-ups and, in the most memorable sequence, insatiably breaks the Orgasmatron. Psychedelic, campy and just plain sexy, this is required viewing for every horny nerd out there ... and it's a lot more fun than Austin Powers.

3. Batman Returns (1992)
Director Tim Burton surpasses his original Batman; this one had Michael Keaton reprising his role as the caped crusader, working against Danny De Vito as the demented yet touching Penguin and a torn Michelle Pfeiffer smoldering as Catwoman. Gorgeously shot, with creative sets and an even darker conception, this brooding, atmospheric work captured the true spirit of the Batman graphic novels.

2. Spider-Man (2002)
Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe carrying a super-hero movie? For Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, it worked. Sticking to creator Stan Lee's roots, Raimi kept Spidey a nerd by actually casting a believable young man and gave his arch-nemisis the Green Goblin a tortured sympathy. Terrific action sequences, romantic, poignant and fun -- Spider-Man was a blockbuster with a soul.

1. Ghost World (2001)
Terry Zwigoff (who also directed Crumb, the genius documentary about controversial comic-book artist Robert Crumb) filmed Daniel Clowes' graphic novel as comic-book panels coming to life. With Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson as oddly likable, cantankerous teenagers and Steve Buscemi at his most touching, this is acerbic hilarity along with pain. It is a film that actually gets the humor, sadness, gross pop culture and drudgery that life slings at us ... and at their best, comics too.

Try Netflix For Free.

Red Dragon

Its a sunday afternoon oct 12th 2002, NO Jet game today , good deal can`t lose the game on a bye week :-) Decided to see Red Dragon . Anthony Hopkins is amazing as usual. If you read the book or seen the original movie Manhunter you would like the new movie, despite a few discrepancies from the book, i felt the movie complemented the book very well. I felt Dolarhyde should have been bigger and the tattler reporter skinnier and Will Graham older , otherwise the movie captured the imagined look and feel of the book. The initial bloody bedroom scene when Will Graham scopes the victims home looked exactly as I imagined. Pretty eery , the movie itself had more tension and was even a bit creepy at times , which was a cool effect. Anyway I thought the movie was excellent and definitely reccomend it , as well as the books if you haven`t read.

The Scorpion King (Widescreen...

An un-official sequel to the "Mummy" films (or prequel to "The Mummy Returns" but isn't "The Mummy" the prequel to "TMR" making this the prequel to the prequel...???), director Sommers writes but hands the reigns over to genre vet. Russell in a competent, high voltage sword and bicepts flick! The Rock bulges and flexs, Hu is luscious and Duncan towers. Great action and a nominal story-line makes for potent and low brain-cell entertainment.



The Eminem Show
The Eminem Show
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3/15/05 Movie review of SAW -Movie Site

I am not a fan of real scary movies especially when I watch them with my fiance , who gets so worked up that she actually scares me. This was not one of those scary movies. I was told it could be compared to SEVEN with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. I wouldn`t put this movie in that league but it was a good movie. I was amazed at the end to find out that the kid in the room was one of the writers and the director looked to be just a kid himself. That was pretty impressive. By the way the actor that plays the dotor Gary Elwes was the same actor in Princess of the bride and Men in tights. I didn`t know , Lori picked him out, I was skeptical coz he looks so different but its him. Overall this was a cool movie , definitely worth seeing. I wouldn`t reccomend eating dinner while you watch it ; I cooked some funky but good indian food and watched this movie , with blood , guts and entrails which looked similar to the goat and curry and biryani vegatables and rice I made. Anyway , see the movie , just don`t eat anything other than popcorn or NACHOS!!!

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