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07/05/04 The Da Vinci code is a definite must-read. Great books and great writers are usually character driven , this is not that type of great book. This is plot driven with twists and turns throughout. Written with suspense in mind , this is a page turner !


History , art , religion , philosophy , codes and riddles are all interwoven into
a serious plot that keeps you guessing
. So much information is in this book that I ended up reading most of the book with a pen and paper to write down all the interesting data that I need to research. I won`t say I agree with everything written but that is why its worth the read.

For those that have read the book ONLY... and are interested
in my views of the book Click Here - Do NOT enter unless you have read the book and my opinions will not spoil it for you

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I have been listening to this book on Audio and I think it is pretty wild. Jim Rogers is a retired wall street investor. He has traveled the world before on Motorcycle. This book chronicles an amazing journey throughout the world by car. From Iceland - Russia - china - africa - australia etc; He views the world through an economists eyes and finds investment opportunities in amazing places. He describes the geography, history, way of life , government , economics, etc; of the 100 + countries he visits. This is a bottoms up overview of life and economics. He doesn`t have much faith in the particular governments assessment of a countries financial status , he wants to see it for himself. He is a big believer in small government , free trade , and open borders. Still, he is not a Bush fan but for that matter also blames Clinton for his lack of foresight during the bubble busting 90`s. I`m guessing after reading this book , you too will wish you could drive around the world for three years. See his Jim Rogers website for more info and to see the route he took.





Want to read Great Books , visit the hidden page on my site to learn about the great books of the western world and to get lists of great books. type in /greatbooks.htm after the name of my website

11/28/02 I wanted to share a message board explanation of the current Soprano season. I thought it was interesting

Characters and Relationships giadiva14 - 11/18/02 12:21PM PST

I am surprised no one noticed the coincidence of Tony sleeping with the Russian woman, Svetlana, and the Napoleon theme. Napoleon's empire fell when he tried to invade Russia. We have the metaphorical "invasion" of the Russian, followed by shots of Tony dressed as Napoleon, and it ended with war drums. I think Tony is like an emperor about to fall. Disloyal troops like Paulie and Furio (at least at heart) are threatening Tony's stability, during the very time he is about to start a war with New York. Not to mention I have noticed the Russians (maybe they are just babysitting, maybe they aren't) are around Junior more than I would be comfortable with.

I think Tony will try to align with the Russians (this season and next) to win the war with New York, and everything will fall apart. Also, the title of the show, "The Strong, Silent Type" - look at the gender in that. That's a phrase typically reserved for men, but in this show all the strong characters were the women.

Carmela silently fighting her attraction to Furio, Svetlana being strong in the face of adversity, Ade finally pushing Chris to rehab (she could have stayed scared or not told Tony, but she did what she thought she had to do), even Janice giving advice, and Meadow AWOL in school.

Meanwhile, the weaknesses of the men were exposed: Tony's misrepresentation of himself and lack of self control, Chris's drug problem, Paulie's disloyalty and guilt, Furio's passion (which, while I find tears strong, are a weakness for him in the organization).

Info provided by a user of the message boards at www.hbo.com

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Analyze this: An Italian psychiatrist who specializes in treating Mafia bosses says they’re a neurotic, miserable lot with lousy sex lives. La Psyche Mafiosa (The Mafia Psyche), by Girolamo lo Verso, punctures the myth of the mobster as a strong, ruthless man of powerful passions. The reality, lo Verso says, is far different. They come to him with “eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and sexual problems.” Most of them are far from lady-killers. “Real Mafiosi are more interested in power and being in command than sex,” he told the London Independent. “They have hurried sex with their wives in order to have children.” One Mafia patient was in despair because his son had just come out of the closet and refused to take over the family business.




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