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Stonehenge by Bernard Cornwall
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Cornwall, in this speculative fiction novel, puts forth a potentially convincing story about how Stonehenge was built. Set in the times of the Bronze age , interspersed with meticulously researched details , he writes an interesting tale of humanity. Stonehenge celebrates mankinds amazing fortitude , perserverence ingenuity and enterprise as well as the wretchedness , selfishness , and ugliness of mankind. The end of the book explains the Facts or Findings as we have come to understand them and if you were unaware of this knowledge prior to reading you will be amazed how he wove them all into the story which on the surface is
a massive undertaking of moving tons of rock many miles with simple tools and technology. In fact , I believe the story tells much more than that.

Can you see the parallels to todays society. "today" can be stretched from renaisance til now , from medieval times , or simply the last century. Religion has always been a driving force in Man`s society including loose hunter-gathering societies to complex city-state republics.

Many horrible atrocities were performed because of religion and religious zealots from as early as we can determine until today and thru til tomorrow. Is the author atheist , agnostic. Or is he deeply spiritual and is amazed at the differing spirituality of times past ; despite its backwardness it assures his own piety. The fact that men have always worshipped a higher power can be used as an argument for or against God.
I am unsure if I liked this book , which may mean it was good. Like in the movies , when a villain is played well , you do not like him. I found All the ugly characters in this book, and their ignorant ambitions , and their awful treatment of eachother revolting and upsetting. Yet history has confirmed that this is mankinds lot in all its glory and all its ugliness.

Lengar and Camaban were narcissistic and egomaniacal , though Camaban had an excuse , just look at his childhood. Saban on the other hand was opposite , he was altruistic and benevolent.
Yet ,Saban at times acted spineless , though he had core values that he always defended and upheld , he had a knack for allowing himself to be abused. Even when he was trying to help , (derwynn said in so many words"Saban never intends any harm , he walks thru life without trying to bring harm yet always misery follows him") he still brought injustices upon those around him.
Lengar , Camaban , Aurella , all had ideals and dreams of what life should hold for them though all appeared to me as unattainable. Saban , like his dad wanted happiness through peace and tranquility , having and enjoying a family, providing for all the tribes people , hard work towards a goal. He didn`t look for happiness in the stars or the sun.

Lengar only cared about his own power and glory. His selfishness even made it impossible for him to interact fairly with other tribes. He ambushed every "peaceful" arrangement made during his short reign. Even his religious beliefs were primarily for his own benefit. He avoided Camaban , maybe even feared him , as Camaban as the voice of a god , could outshine him and undermine him.
Camaban was a zealot. I found it funny that he SAW THRU many of the religious leaders "fake piety". When High or lesser priests made announcements he Yawned (mentioned many times in the book) yet He truly believed that he felt the sun-god`s presence and that the sun-god actually spoke to him.
In the end , after all the hoots and hollers of the Zealots , nothing happened but a quick and painful demise for all and regular life went on.
I thought it was telling when Saban told derwynn that if Slaol does not come , then he has build an amazing temple with amazing effort and thats that.

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